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Learning Objectives

Module 1: Person-Centred Spiritual Practice

  • Develop your own understanding of spirituality and spiritual practice
  • Build and create your own daily spiritual wellbeing practice and practice core skills of meditation
  • Know the common features of spiritual experiences and spiritual practices across the globe.

  • Module 2: Reflective Practice and Self-Awareness in the Context of Spiritual Development
  • Understand the elements, benefits and importance of reflective practice and self-awareness in the context of spiritual development
  • Build skills to implement a regular practice of reflection and self-management
  • Engage in reflective conversations with others about own developmental process.
  • Investigate how well your lifestyle and behaviours align with the Spiritual Companions Guidelines

  • Module 3: Science and Context
  • Review the historical and cultural relation-ship between spirituality and medicine
  • Understand the evidence base for the health benefits of spirituality and the key elements of spirituality and faith that can benefit physical and mental health
  • Define the benefits of spirituality for your own health and wellbeing and facilitate this discussion with future clients.

  • Module 4: Spiritual Care in Practice
    Leading to the practice of being a Spiritual Health Coach/Mentor, this module builds skills enabling participants to:
  • Prepare a safe and sacred space
  • Lead an individual or small group into meditation
  • Demonstrate whole body listening for a sustained period with an individual and a group
  • Develop the communication skills of spiritual companioning
  • Explain the progression of and care for stages of spiritual emergency

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    If you want to apply for this course, please send us the following information:
    (It is completely confidential and only intended to help us support you better.)
    Telephone number:
    Email address:
    Please let us have a few sentences in answer to the following questions

    1. What do you hope to gain from this course?

    2. What set you on the path of personal/spiritual development?

    3. Who and what are your significant influences, teachers, books, events and experiences?

    4. Having completed the course and gained accreditation how might you take this approach forward in your personal and work life?

    5. Please describe any significant events in your physical and mental healthcare history. (We keep this information strictly confidential and need it only so that we can better support you.)

    5. Are your home circumstances supportive to your doing this course? If they are challenging, please tell us.

    6. We also require a recent CV including your date of birth.

    Please email this information, preferably as a Word document, to
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