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More to life?



Are you feeling unhappy, unfulfilled or simply stuck?
Are you low in energy and motivation or feeling depressed?
Does life feel like a constant uphill struggle?
Are you stressed and find it difficult to relax?
Are you prone to panic attacks and anxiety?
Are you a victim of your own perfectionism?
Have you lost your sense of purpose and are looking for a new direction?
Are you trying to fill or numb the emptiness or pain inside with excessive work, shopping, sex, eating, drinking, drugs?
Do you feel disconnected and have forgotten who you truly are?
Are you suffering from physical illness you would like support with?

Are you ready to face your fears and dance with life?

  • If your answer is Yes to any of the above questions, you might benefit from working with me. I integrate different Energy Healing techniques, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP and Reiki in North London (Finchley) and Central London to help you heal your toxic emotions and get back into the flow. Distant healing and Zoom/Skype sessions have always been available to clients worldwide but during the current crisis I have moved most sessions to the remote format and never cease to be amazed how effective it actually is! I also offer meditation and mindfulness classes for individuals and groups and teach courses for personal and spiritual development and am in the process of adapting these formats to Zoom delivery as well. From March 2020 I was going to offer The Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness, the first UK Level 3 training integrating spirituality and health care accredited by Ofqual, which has been developed by William Bloom PhD. This training had to be postponed due to the lockdown and we are now in the process of developing an accredited online alternative. Whether live or online, the course will take you on a one-year experiential and transformational journey with structured opportunities for personal practice, reflection and guided peer-group work between workshop days.

Thank you deeply for yesterday. It was truly wonderful at a soul level. You are amazing, we really reached a place I wanted to go where my spoken therapy has not been, even after 6 years.
Nancy T., London

"Andrea is an inspired and inspiring teacher. The meditation course was much more than an introduction, it really took us a long way into a meditative journey and we all learned so much that we can now apply and explore in our lives. I couldn’t thank her enough for her warm and amiable approach which gave us all new hope in our potential."
Ed Coulthard, CEO & Creative Director, Blast! Films

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I hold a safe space of unconditional acceptance and guide clients through a process of becoming aware of their unhelpful beliefs and emotions, facilitating the release of emotions, trauma and patterns which do not serve any more. This is deeply transformative work which allows the client to find a new perspective, to re-frame and gently shift from Ego consciousness to Essence (or True Self), from Fear to Love – a state where healing, peace and forgiveness become possible. The process resolves issues at the deepest level, re-establishing harmony on all levels of our being.


How does it work?

All energy therapies are based on the understanding that we are more than just our physical bodies. They are part of an emerging paradigm in health and wellbeing, which includes 'energy medicine' and 'energy psychology' - a paradigm based on Quantum physics and the premise that matter ultimately consists of energy. This is nothing new: Chinese and Indian traditions have described the subtle structures of our energetic anatomy such as chakras and acupuncture meridians for millenia.

According to this paradigm, unresolved difficulties, stresses and trauma can create disturbances and blockages on any level of the Human Energy Field, which are first experienced as spiritual, mental or emotional problems and may ultimately manifest in the physical body. Energy therapies offer us effective tools to identify and dissolve such blockages. It is believed that re-balancing the subtle levels of the anatomy can be helpful in preventing illness and addressing the root cause of disease. The natural flow of energy always moves towards health and well-being. Eliminating the causes of unwellness from the deepest layers up throughout the system allows balance to be restored and enables body and mind to self-heal.

During the last couple of decades, science has made huge progress in understanding the link between the mind/consciousness, based in the ‘higher brain’ (our prefrontal cortex), the emotions we feel which are based in the ‘animal’ brain (the limbic system) and the body, mediated via our autonomic nervous system as well as a host of neurotransmitters, neuropeptides and hormones. To name but a few pioneering scientists, Dr Stephen Porges has given us a new model to understand trauma and the feedback loops between body and brain through his Polyvagal Theory and Dr Daniel Keown has mapped the ancient Chinese acupuncture channels against embryonic development of the fascial planes in the body. New scientific findings consistently validate the ancient maps of Chinese and Indian mystical and medical knowledge, especially the fact that our thoughts and feelings have the power to create wellness or disease in the body, for example by switching gene expression on or off. Dr Joe Dispenza's work shows that consciousness does not only affect the body, but that through quantum entanglement, we have the capacity to influence our environment and our experience by what we think and feel and thus literally create the reality we live in. For me, it has been exciting to see science finally catch up with the conclusion I have drawn long ago simply based on the empirical evidence of the transformations I witness in my clients on a daily basis: When you change your thoughts and feelings, you can create a new experience of life and move from a state of surviving to a state of thriving.
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What are the benefits?

The benefits experienced range from gaining a deep understanding about ourselves and coming to a loving acceptance of ourselves and others to the resolution of spiritual, emotional and physical issues.

As we become aware of our patterns and fully feel and release negative emotions, we stop reacting mindlessly to our triggers and are instead empowered to respond consciously, which helps us shift into a positive vibration. In short, we stop operating from a fear-based point of view and move into a love-based one. This allows the Law of Attraction to work for us rather than against us as we always attract what we unconsciously radiate, whether it is positive or negative. Thus, energy therapies can help us embrace our life challenges as opportunities for growth and deep personal transformation.

Sometimes there can be dramatic improvements in only one or two sessions, especially if the issue that is coming up is ripe and ready to be released. However, often, the work of self-inquiry and healing uncovers issues layer by layer and is best thought of as a series of sessions during a period of transition that can go beyond your physical and mental health towards spiritual evolution and self-realisation, allowing you to truly 'become the change you want to see in the world'.

Energy Healing, EFT, NLP, Reiki and mindfulness are holistic therapies which work with the whole person rather than treating the symptoms. This means that they can contribute to a client's well-being in almost any situation. Clients typically seek support for the following emotional, spiritual and physical issues:

  • Stress / anxiety /burnout
  • Depression
  • Lack of confidence
  • Self-loathing / overpowering inner critic
  • Childhood trauma
  • Life traumas (job loss, bullying, abuse, break-ups, abortion, miscarriage etc.)
  • Relationship problems
  • Addiction (substance, food, sex, shopping, internet, etc)
  • Self-harming behaviour, including eating disorders
  • Self-sabotaging behaviour
  • Creative blocks, such as writers' block
  • Decision making
  • Fear of failure or of success
  • Exam nerves
  • Performance issues (professional, sports, etc)
  • Bereavement
  • Manifesting abundance
  • Procrastination
  • Chronic fatigue / ME
  • Female conditions
  • Migraine / headache / physical tension
  • Sleeping problems
  • Immune system disorders
  • Back problems
  • Digestive disorders
  • Support with chronic illness
  • Support with terminal illness
  • Personal transitions
  • Finding your life purpose
  • Spiritual emergence / emergency
  • Spiritual re-connection
  • Self-love

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Andrea Klein's practice in Integrated Energy Healing, EFT, NLP, Reiki and her meditation and mindfulness classes and Reiki courses serve clients suffering from stress, anxiety and depression in the North London areas of Muswell Hill, Finchley, Crouch End and Highgate as well as in Central London and Covent Garden. (Search terms: Reiki Muswell Hill, Energy Healing North London, EFT Central London)

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