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Thank you deeply for yesterday. It was truly wonderful at a soul level. You are amazing, we really reached a place I wanted to go where my spoken therapy has not been, even after 6 years.
Nancy T., London

Thank you so much! So grateful! I feel great, I move, I express myself and I have gained a courage to make noise! I want you always in my life, you are a treasure!
Simona Mihai, London

Saturday was an amazing experience, I don’t think I knew what to expect or if I would even cry, but it felt so good to, you made me feel so relaxed and able to open up so thank you. I left feeling very calm and content and I’m hoping this will continue. I can’t thank you enough for teaching me the tapping technique to help me with my worries and anxieties, Im looking forward to putting everything I learnt into practice.
Geanie Cussons, London

It has been just over a week since we’ve met and I can already feel a massive difference in my life. I just wanted to write to say thank you for the session and the information you’ve sent, I now find myself waking up with more joy and optimism for what life has to offer. It is amazing to feel more joyous as I let go of all the beliefs that didn’t serve me anymore and embody my true self with the EFT videos that you’ve recommended
Jake Pasea, London

I wanted to thank you for the sessions that you did for me last month. Since then I have found and been offered a job in a bigger office with lots more people... It was funny because it's two things we've been talking about: a job where I can be myself and the chance to live abroad... Thanks again for everything. I feel so much more confident now. You really helped me to take back my power.
Sophie D'Souza, Highgate

Hi Andrea,
ich hoffe dir geht es gut.
Ich wollte mich nochmal für die Session im November bedanken. Es hat mir langfristig wirklich sehr geholfen. Ich weiß nicht ob du dich erinnerst, aber ich hatte Schwierigkeiten damit, alleine zu sein oder große Angst, verlassen zu werden. Seit unserer Session habe ich das nur noch sehr selten und nur für eine kurze Zeit. Ich habe wirklich das Gefühl, dass es bei mir im Unterbewusstsein große Veränderungen gebracht hat und ich habe überwiegend ein sehr positives Lebensgefühl seitdem.
Liebe Grüße, Katja

Katja Widder, London

Hi Andrea
Thanks ever so much, it really was magical for me... I believe I needed to hear and experience all of that now and the universe showed me the right way to your clinic :)
I feel empowered and inspired. Thanks for sharing the resources as well, I have already found the book and will start using EFT, such a powerful tool! I'll definitely email and let you know how it goes. Many many thanks again for sharing your light with me,

Z. Y., Production Co-ordinator, North London

I had my first session with Andrea back in 2014 when I was having a total mental-emotional melt down that included severe anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia and a tremendous amount of fear. I had already seen other practitioners at the time, some diagnosed me with depression others as having demonic possession! Andrea was literally a life saver for me. She was calm, compassionate, present and I felt safe and easy immediately, My first session with her was 2 intense hours that helped me literally get my life back. Within a few sessions, I was back to my normal self and functioning as normal person.
I enjoyed working with Andrea so much, I decided to do her Reiki training and I completed all 3 levels with her. Andrea continues to be a source of support in my life through mentoring and guiding me when I need advice or any type of support. I can wholeheartedly recommend Andrea's services to anyone who is struggling in life. She is the real deal, a sincere and down to earth healer and teacher. I am forever grateful to Andrea for the support and guidance she has provided me. Thank you, Andrea!

W. H., Acupuncturist, Paris

For me this whole experience has been completely life changing. I have spent the past twelve months on a journey of self-discovery in to the depths of myself and my emotions. EFT with Andrea has been like working with a highly skilled archaeologist. Each session has been an investigation into the locked parts of me, like caverns which were previously inaccessible. These caverns have been filled with jewels, the jewels being my emotions, which I had been cut off from for a long time. As a result they plagued my conscious mind and tormented me with false stories about myself. But Andrea has helped me to reconnect to them and allowed me to experience them in their true form. Through chipping away at this old belief system a new landscape is emerging. I have been able to find the treasure and begin to embody my authentic self. She has gently held my hand along this path of healing and realization and has guided me to shine a light in the dark, a light that continues to shine brighter as I move closer toward self-acceptance.
R.E., Youth Worker, North London

Andrea, I thank you so much for supporting me through parts of my journey. When I first came to see you I did not know how deep our sessions together would actually go. I thank you for being so open, compassionate and encouraging. I would recommend others to see you for a range of difficulties as I love the fact that you are an all round practitioner and can connect on many levels. The resources and materials you have also suggested have also helped and I also thank you for this.
Lots of love and blessings x

Becks, Social Worker, North London

I made the big decision I needed to - I became aware that the answer had been inside of me for many months but I hadn't been allowing myself to accept it. In the days after our session, the answer became clearer and clearer. The amazing thing was it felt so easy and so right! I don't think I could have done this without your help. It has since become crystal clear that the decision I made was the right one, which I am so happy about! I just feel so much lighter. And you'll also be pleased to hear that I feel like the relationship with my Mum is improving! So from the bottom of my heart, I thank you. :)
S.A, Lawyer, West London

Andrea is a truly gifted healer. In the course of our sessions not only have I been able to heal old wounds from my past, but I've learned a great deal about how to move my life forward. Her uplifting energy and kind, gentle presence exudes healing and creates a comfortable space to explore difficult personal issues. I can't recommend her more highly!
H.R., Writer and Broadcaster, North London

The healing process was a revelation. I had little concept of the depth and immensity of the shift I experienced as a result of working with Andrea.
N.H., Film Producer, Dartmouth Park

I flew to Kefalonia and can't believe it, but the fear has greatly reduced to the extent I'm now looking forward to booking more flights! The tapping and acceptance really helped at take off and landing and whenever I felt a wobble (not very frequently whilst cruising). I can't believe the change and am so proud of facing up to my biggest fear (I previously thought it impossible) and am so grateful for all the help. So thank you hugely, I'm really grateful! This is life changing and I'm excited about all the opportunities I can now take advantage of :):)
Y.J., Lawyer, North London

Wow, I cannot thank you enough! That was SUCH a big issue for me. I am feeling so much lighter and clearer, it's been a burden for so many years so I am beyond happy, calm and relieved! It's incredible to finally feel free. I could not have done it without you so thank you from the bottom of my heart!
S.A., Lawyer, West London

I had been struggling with ME for 17 years. Andrea helped me a great deal regaining my strength and health. I valued greatly that she showed me and my problems complete respect and a deep understanding. She never shied from working on difficult emotional and /or spiritual issues of mine and I experienced healing on a very profound, energetic level.

C.B., Artist, Hackney

Thank you so much for my time with you last Tuesday. It really was exceptional and I felt the changes for many days afterwards. Every day I remind myself to write to you and give you enthusiastic feedback! I feel a shift in my energy and things are coming more easily every day. Professionally I feel more confident and have more clarity about how I want to work and what sort of group I want to work with. My relationship is also going well. There is a lovely trust and safety between us, and so much less anxiety than I used to feel. I am very grateful for your careful listening and insight, and the thorough and professional way you prepared for our session. I would love to come and see you again.
D.E.W., Kensington

My training in psychotherapy and personal development naturally requires me to look at myself and I have been working on my own issues for a long time. However, I still had deep issues with one family member and felt helplessly stuck. After an initial consultation Andrea suggested ‘Relationship Cord Work’. Afterwards, it felt like a heavy weight had been lifted from my chest and I gained a level of loving detachment from the person concerned which helped to improve relations with the person as much as my own well being. Andrea worked on a level I had not been able to reach previously and helped me tremendously on my journey of self development and healing.
J.S., Counsellor, Camden

I am a Reiki practitioner myself and Andrea's treatments have always been a very valuable source of inspiration and a safe place to explore my own personal way of spiritual being. She provides a professional and caring space for me to investigate the ins and outs of my personal wellbeing and my professional development. I wouldn't want to miss the sessions I have had with Andrea.
L.S.-E., Child Counsellor and Reiki Master, Brentwood

I have just attended Andrea Klein's four week meditation course. She is an excellent teacher. We learnt a variety of meditation techniques. Andrea is kind, gentle, and patient. She is inspiring in terms of encouraging one to be positive, mindful, and empathic."
Mr Daniel Friedland, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist

Andrea is undoubtedly an extremely talented coach of mindfulness meditation; inspiring and with plenty of humour. She kindly follows up each week with a conclusion email and MP3 audio from the session for us to fully engage with the practice. I can 100% wholeheartedly recommend this course. 10 out of 10 :-)
D.S., Sales Consultant, Muswell Hill

Just to say I absolutely love your mindfulness class. I have gained so much awareness and help from the course. You are such a generous person, so willing to share and so thoughtful in your teaching. I did mindful swimming today, just brilliant. What was a boring, objective-driven tedious exercise which seemed to last hours turned into a pleasurable awareness activity that passed in a jiff and I even did 4 more lengths than I have ever done before. Good eh? Which means you're a terrific teacher. Thank you! Look forward to the next course.
N.S., Voice Coach, Muswell Hill

Thank you so much for the introduction to mindfulness over the past 4 weeks I have really enjoyed each session. I am applying the methods of breathing daily and I know the more I practise the more it will become a natural part of my life. I have only managed one more chanting session so far but I will be practising a lot more as for some reason it really energises me. I have found your meditation links very helpful and am now managing to sleep a whole lot better. I have chosen to water the seeds and I feel confident that they will grow into beautiful flowers. I am most grateful and thankful to you...................Thank you Andrea
V.B., Property Manager, Finchley

The Reiki course was a wonderful day; it had surpassed all my expectations; it was really fulfilling working under your guidance and working with the other student, too. Many thanks for your positive comments and encouragement to continue practising and learning Reiki. Your CD is really helpful and it helps me to have a better control of my wandering thoughts when trying to meditate.
T.G. Hall, North London

Thank you very much Andrea for your help and guidance through my Reiki initiation, you made me feel at home and very well looked after throughout the entire day during the Shoden. I will use the skills I have acquired thanks to you to help myself and my family members as well as thinking about my personal development. Gratefully,
S.G. IT Manager

Inspiration and Links

These books have profoundly touched me and facilitated my own development, healing and learning:

THE POWER OF NOW by Eckhart Tolle
A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle
HANDS OF LIGHT by Barbara Ann Brennan
LIGHT EMERGING by Barbara Ann Brennan
IN PERFECT TIMING by Peter Caddy (The Autobiography of the Co-Founder of the Findhorn Community)
MATRIX REIMPRINTING by Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby
THE UNIVERSE HAS YOUR BACK by Gabrielle Bernstein

The following institutions and people have played an important role in my learning and healing and continue to be an inspiration:

The School of Energy Healing
Arram Kong, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher, Healer
Dr William Bloom,
Jill Purce, The Healing Voice,
Sue Beer and Emma Roberts, The iEFT Centre,
Gary Craig, and
Mantak Chia,
Chris Mulzer,
Dr Ruediger Dahlke,
The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine,
Dr Joe Dispenza,

Last, but not least my heartfelt gratitude to Moira Gil John, the artist at the origin of all the inspired and inspiring art featured on my website. Peace and Blessings to you!
For more information on Moira and her paintings, please visit

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