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What is Integrated Energy Healing?
Which techniques are used in a healing session?
What shall I expect in a healing session?
What happens in-between and after sessions?

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What is Integrated Energy Healing

This integrative practice is inspired by the work of Barbara Brennan (“Hands of Light – A Guide To Healing Through The Human Energy Field” and “Light Emerging”) and combines hands-on healing with a modern psychotherapeutic approach, drawing elements from person centered counselling, transpersonal psychology and core energetics (using somatic release through movement and voice). Where appropriate, I synergistically add Energy Psychology (in the form of EFT, NLP and Ericksonian Trances) to this mix and guide my clients through a process of inner inquiry to get to the core of their issue. Holding a safe space of unconditional acceptance I guide clients through a process of becoming aware of their toxic beliefs and emotions, facilitating the release of emotions, trauma and patterns which do not serve any more. This is deeply transformative work which allows the client to find a new perspective, to re-frame and gently shift from Ego consciousness to Essence – a state of grace where healing, peace and forgiveness become possible. This process resolves issues at the deepest level, re-establishing harmony on all levels of our being, from spiritual to physical.

This type of healing is deep and empowering as it encourages the client to take responsibility for co-creating their own health and wellbeing. Many clients report that they feel the process helped them to shift from a state of surviving into a state of thriving. Energy Healing complements and enhances the positive effects of all other types of health care, including psychotherapy and allopathic medicine.

Which techniques are used in a healing session?

Most Healing sessions use a combination of several of the following techniques:

  • Guided inquiry
  • Presence and mindfulness
  • Dropping-in (allowing yourself to become aware of and fully feel your feelings)
  • Grounding
  • Inner Child work
  • Identifying and clearing beliefs
  • EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Somatic release (through movement and sound)
  • Emotional clearing
  • Cathartic release
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Colour and/or sound healing
  • Energetic spine and organ clearing
  • Astral healing
  • Relationship Cord healing
  • Clearing ancestral patterns
  • Past life remembering
  • Entity release
  • Intention alignment (work on the Hara Line, strengthens the connection to one's life purpose)
  • Essence expansion
  • Guided visualisations/meditations, light hypnotic trances
  • Opening to guidance
  • Conscious breathing

I tend to also incorporate Reiki into my sessions, simply by connecting to the appropriate Reiki energy frequencies.

What shall I expect in a healing session?

No two healing sessions will ever be the same. They are a co-creative process between healing practitioner and client and totally adapted to the client's needs in the moment. However typically, a healing session is structured in the following way:

A typical session starts with case taking: An initial period of discussion and evaluation to clarify the various issues to be addressed. I will gently guide you in a process of inner inquiry which will uncover the issue to be dealt with in the session. You will be invited to be fully present to the process, feel the charge in the body and allow the emotions and sensations relating to the issue to come up and fully feel them.

There are many ways to facilitate this stage. Based on the understanding that awareness and acceptance of what is are the preconditions of change and transformation, I will invite you to fully feel the emotions, sensations and 'charge' present in your body, so we can work with what is present for you in the very moment. We work either with hands-on healing using a variety of available techniques or EFT (or both). The process can include phases of passively receiving energy, the use of colour, sound, visualisation, dialogue (deeper inquiry), mindfulness, entering a trance-like state in which deep unconscious material can come into awareness, somatic re-experiencing/release or possibly some cathartic emotional release. This part of the session can either be conducted with the client lying down, fully clothed on a therapy table or comfortably seated in an armchair. Where appropriate, I may also use conscious breath work in this part of the session or invite the client to move, depending on what is needed in each individual case.

The session is completed with grounding and bringing into consciousness the newly awakened life force. Integration naturally continues after a session and over a period of days, sometimes even weeks or months. The closing of the session may include recommendations on how to make life enhancing changes and choices in your actions and thoughts in the future.

What happens in-between and after sessions?

After a session you may feel exhilerated; lots of people comment that they feel 'lighter', liberated, empowered, at peace, but sometimes also a bit 'spaced out'. Be gentle with yourself, drink plenty of water and allow yourself some time for further integration. In some instances, a 'healing crisis' may occur, which may involve a strong surge of emotions or even physical symptoms after a treatment has finished. This is a natural reaction and shows that the healing is shifting blockages from deeper layers. It is important to understand that this can be part of the process and accept it as such, treating yourself with kindness and compassion. Such symptoms will usually pass within 24 or 48 hours.

Where appropriate, I may recommend the use of Flower Essences, especially Orchid Essences, to gently support the healing process between sessions and use Dowsing (with the help of a pendulum) or Kinesiology (muscle testing) to establish which remedy may be appropriate. Muscle testing can also be used to identify beliefs.

I may also introduce you to some basic Chi Kung and breathing exercises, which are very grounding and support your internal flow of Chi (vital energy). Should you wish to establish a deeper, regular practice of Chi Kung, I can help you with individual lessons or refer you to specialist Chi Kung teachers.

Guided trances and visualisation are also used in my sessions and I encourage clients to bring more mindfulness into their lives by committing a short daily time slot to meditation, journal writing or any other kind of self-exploration. This really helps to bring issues into awareness so that they can then be worked with and dissolved in your healing sessions. To support home practice, I record the guided meditations during our sessions and send the client the MP3 file by email. Where appropriate, I also teach my clients the basic EFT protocol in order to enable them to "tap" on any issues that come up for them on their own.

In short, everything I do is designed to help clients help themselves. Wherever appropriate, I will teach you a range of exercises, techniques and strategies to enable you to bring your energy system back to balance yourself.

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